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AV Dennis Coote Trophy

Dennis Coote Trophy donated by Dennis Coote whilst serving as AV competition Secretary in 1997. The Trophy is presented for the best short sequence.

19941997 Eva Wallis Admiralty CC
1998 Stanley Newton ARPS Dawlish & Teignmouth CC
1999 D & G Pollock FRPS Admiralty CC
2000 George Pollock Hon FRPS Admiralty CC
2001 Maureen Albright LRPS Swindon PS
2002 David Moon LRPS Frome Selwood PS
2003 Doreen Pollock FRPS Admiralty CC
2004 Robert Albright FRPS Swindon PS
2005 Paula Graham Newton Abbot PC
2006 Alan Boothman & Paula Graham Newton Abbot PC
2007 Ross Alexander Sydenham CC
2009 Sheila Haycox Exmouth PG 
2010 Alan Boothman Newton Abbot PC
2011 Penny & Spike Piddock Dorchester CC
2012 Peter Rose Portishead CC
2013 Keith Choules Newton Abbot PC
2014 Eddy Lane Calne CC
2015 Pam Sherren Paignton PC
2016 Sheila Haycox Exmouth PG
2017 John Perriam Exmouth PG
2018 Sheila Haycox Exmouth
2019 Jordan Aspland Newton Abbot PC

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