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WCPF Travelling Print Exhibition 

The Travelling Print Exhibition is a set of prints selected from the images accepted for the Members Exhibition. This is circulated around clubs in the region, with each club handing the prints on to the next club following a pre-arranged rota. The prints are selected from the award-winning images and a representative selection of other accepted prints to make the number up to around 80 images.

2022-2023 Season

We have made a selection from the 2022 prints at the Members’ Exhibition. This means that we have prints available for a Travelling Print Exhibition for the 2022-2023 season. Please email if you want to be included in the schedule – I am working on a first come first serve basis and can not guarantee that I will be able to fit all clubs into the schedule.


The confirmed dates as of July 2022 are <here>.


The prints in the Travelling Exhibition are <here>

Any comments or queries should be sent to

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