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PAGB Awards

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit


BPAGB Entry Requirement


7 Prints

Entry fee £52

The standard required is “Approaching Good Club Photography”

CPAGB Entry Requirement

10 Prints/Projected digital Images or an A.V of 1 or more sequences, 6 - 10 mins total running time.

Entry Fee £75.00

The standard required is "Good Club Photography"

The PAGB has a system that allows members of affiliated Photographic Clubs/Societies to gain five Awards that reflect increasing levels of performance within Amateur photography. This system operates within a framework of demonstrated support for the Federation of which the Club is a member.

Gaining these awards is a two-stage process — Qualification in your own Federation (WCPF) and Adjudication by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

To qualify to take part you have to be a current and active member of a PAGB affiliated photographic club within the WCPF.

For BPAGB & CPAGB you must have been a member for at least 2 years
For DPAGB, at least 3 years, and for MPAGB, at least 5 years. EPAGB is only open to existing holders of DPAGB.

It is not necessary to start with a "BPAGB". If it is felt that your work is of the standard required, a "CPAGB or DPAGB" may be attempted first. However, it is not possible to start with "MPAGB" – for this, a “DPAGB” must have been held for at least 11 months.


If an attempt for any Award is unsuccessful, a re-submission may be made for a fee of £40 (B) £50 (C) £80 (D) £80 (E) £110 (M).


At present there are no adjudications available for slides, but please contact the WCPF Awards Officer if you are interested in submitting in this medium and this will be registered with the PAGB, who will do their best to offer an adjudication at some time.

DPAGB Entry Requirements

15 Prints/Projected digital Images or an A.V.of 2 or more sequences, 10 - 15 mins total running time.

Entry Fee £ 112.00

The Standard required is "Open Exhibition Photography"

EPAGB Entry Requirements


15 Prints but none of the images used for DPAGB

Entry fee £112

The standard required is “A High Level of Acceptance in Open Exhibitions”

MPAGB Entry Requirements

20 Prints/Projected digital Images or an A.V.of 3 or more sequences, 15 - 25 mins total running time. 

Entry Fee £ 150.00

The Standard required is "The Highest Standard of Amateur Photography"

How to Apply


Download a “qualification” form, which must be signed by your Club Chairman / Secretary. Send this to Ann Owens who will send back to you the full PAGB application form. This then needs to be completed & sent to the national PAGB Awards Secretary (details on application form.)  The PAGB also have some advisory leaflets which can also be downloaded.

Click the links below.


Print and Projected Digital Image adjudications are held in April and November annually. Venues rotate around the Federations.


Advisory Days


Advisory days are run by the Federation if there is sufficient demand. If you are interested, please contact Ann Owens at "".

Successful Candidates Images

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