WCPF Zoom Annual General Meeting 9th October 2021

 Agenda and reports
for 2021 AGM

AGM SAT 10th
October 2020

Meeting held on Zoom


WCPF Summary of Income/Expenditure
FOR YEAR 2020-21

Followed by
2.00 pm Zoom Afternoon Lecture by Antony Penrose


Subject “Lee Miller: Witnessing Women at War”

Lee Miller.jpg

Image “ATS Searchlight Operators, North London, England 1943” by Lee Miller

© Lee Miller Archives, England 2021. All rights reserved.


Following his very successful talk to the WCPF in 2017 about his mother “The Legendary Lee Miller” this latest Talk by Antony will be presented as a double

act with Ami Bouhassane, his daughter, as the voice of Lee Miller


For Lee Miller a woman at war was any woman caught up in World War 2. She shot faultless images for Vogue’s haute couture in London’s bombed out streets. She documented the magnificent work of the WRNS, ATS, the Land Girls, the WRVS and the nurses. She shows us the refugees in Europe, girls accused of collaboration and women forced into slave labour or prostitution and concentration camp victims. Their roles range from bravery to stupidity and from enforced involvement to volunteering. It is told against the background of Lee Miller’s

own life story which takes her from being a fashion supermodel via life as a surrealist

artist to a combat photographer and finally a gourmet cook.


  • Coincided with the Imperial War Museum Exhibition Lee Miller: A Woman’s War


  • Contains highly disturbing images of the holocaust, war and its consequences


www.leemiller.co.uk                           www.rolandpenrose.co.uk


The Talk will be free of charge for all members of WCPF Clubs

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