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WCPF AGM & Council Meeting Reports

Click the links for the Reports.


WCPF Council Meeting  3rd March 2024 - Final Reports

WCPF AGM 7th October 2023 - Final Reports

WCPF Council Meeting  11th March 2023 - Reports


WCPF AGM 8th October 2022 - Reports

WCPF Council Meeting 5th March 2022 - Final Report

WCPF AGM 9th October 2021 - Final Report

WCPF Council 6th March 2021  -  Reports

WCPF AGM 10th October 2020 Agenda and Executive Reports

WCPF Council Meeting 7th March 2020 - Final Report

WCPF AGM 12th October 2019 - Final Report

WCPF Council Meeting 9th March 2019 - Report

WCPF AGM 13th October 2018 - Final Report

WCPF AGM 14th October 2017 - Final Report

WCPF  AGM 8th October 2016 - Final Report

The WCPF hold the AGM usually on the second Saturday in October and the Council Meeting on the first Saturday in March.

The AGM meeting takes place in the morning leaving the afternoon for an invited quest speaker(s).

Each club is invited to send two delegates to both meetings but other club members are welcome to attend and enjoy the afternoon lectures.

The venue for these meetings in 2022 is Woodbury Village Hall. Flower Street, Woodbury, Exeter, Devon,


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