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Knightshayes Trophy

A free to enter Members competition held annually in March at Bovey Tracey for the magnificent Trophy to be held for one year. Open to all members of WCPF Clubs who can submit up to two mounted 50cm x 40cm prints on a subject set annually by the WCPF President, who also judges the competition. Hand in for entries is usually DPIC held in February each year


Kingswood Salver & Vivian Croucher Plate

KIngswood Salver - This Club competition is for the prestigious Salver to be held by the winning club for one year. It is open to all WCPF clubs and held annually in November at Bovey Tracey. Entries are for a panel of five 50cm x 40cm mounted prints by five different photographers on a theme of their choosing. Judged by a senior judge from outside the Federation, hand in for entries is usually the AGM in October each year.

Vivian Croucher Plate - From all the Salver images entered, the judge will pick the best individual print. This can come from any of the panels whether they have been given an award or not.


Inter-Club Championships

The WCPF Inter-Club Championships bring together the previous ‘DPIC Competition’ and ‘Inter-Club Print Competition’ into a single event. It will be annual event held in February at the Corn Exchange in Exeter in front of an audience.  Although the Championships are a single event in the Calendar, there will still be two distinct inter-club competitions, i.e. Digital Images and Prints.

For both the Digital Image and Print competitions each club will enter an agreed number of images/prints. The number required for each competition may be different, and the actual numbers will be specified in the rules for each competition.  A club may enter either or both competitions. The entry for each competition will be viewed and scored by three invited judges from outside of our Federation. The same judges will be used for both competitions. The club rankings in each competition will be based on the aggregate score of their entered images. In each competition there will be trophies for the top two clubs and the best small club. Individual awards will be selected by the judges from the highest scoring images.

Following the success of the approach taken for the 2023 competitions, the judging will be done before the ‘live’ event,  with the scoring and results for both competitions being shown at the Corn Exchange as if ‘live’.

The top two clubs in each event will be invited to represent the WCPF in the corresponding PAGB Inter-club Championships.


The WCPF Audio Visual Competition

An AV sequence blends images with a soundtrack of music, song, poetry, commentary, sounds, or any combination of these. No longer is the judge looking at individual images, but is, hopefully, immersed in a story of some kind - using “story” in the widest possible sense. AV has more in common with film and video than with single picture photography. The relationship between pictures and the transitions between them are as important as the pictures themselves.

The WCPF AV Competition follows the current PAGB guideline: “An Audio Visual production submitted for a PAGB Award should predominantly consist of sequences of still photographic images, most of such photographs being the original work of the applicant, together with an accompanying synchronised sound track. The use of third party images, animated graphics, video clips or other visual material, whilst not excluded, should be limited and should be appropriate to the production. Applications with more than an aggregate of 25% of third party images, graphics and video, in photographs or duration, are very unlikely to be successful”.


General WCPF Competition Rules

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