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New Club Information

If you are considering forming a camera club, or are an existing club wishing to join the WCPF you may be interested in the following documents.


Information about the WCPF and what membership offers your club.


A short video about the WCPF  -

Useful advice for clubs from our parent organisation the PAGB     


If you decide to become a member of the WCPF or want more information please contact us through the Contact Us  page  and the secretary will get in touch with you.


Application Form for New Clubs      

Definition of a Camera Club


"A camera club, photographic society, photographic club or photographic group with a published constitution and a published programme of events, united by a common interest in photography, meeting in person for mutual cooperation, education, entertainment or competition and conducted solely from a physical location within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man"

The WCPF Constitution as a PDF Download. 


DATA Protection Policy available as a PDF Download

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