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Reece Winstone Trophy

Presented by the family of Reece Winstone on a perpetual loan. Reece was a member of several clubs but predominately Bristol PS. He was a well known Bristol Historian recording the city’s history on film. Today the son of Reece, John is in the process of cataloguing all his work and has set up a trustee body to oversee it.

It is awarded annually for Best Monochrome in the Member Exhibition and John donates one of Reece’s books each year.


1992 Eileen Gamble

1993 Jack Rose

1994 Geoff Cole

1995 Richard Heddinton

1996 David Conway

1997 Mel Gigg

1998 Ken Arnold

1999 Eileen Gamble

2000 Eileen Gamble

2001 Ray Gigg

2002 Gerry Comley

2003 Gerry Comley

2004 Ray Gigg

2005 Richard Gardinei

2006 Derek Godridge

2007 Sheila Haycox

2008 John Evans Jones

2009 Joanne Searle

2010 Gordon Aspland

2011 John Bergfelt

2012 Paula Graham

2013 John Wickett

2014 Terry Walter

2015 Eddy Lane

2016 Joanne Searle

2017 John Tilsley

2018 Lisa Bukalders

2019 Mike Hawkridge

2020 Jane Lee

2021 Not Awarded due to Covid

2022 Martin Horton

2023 Jay Hallsworth

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