Western Counties Photographic Federation
2023 Inter Club Projected Image (DPIC) and
Print (PrintComp) Competitions
Advance Notice of these Competitions



The 2023 DPIC will take place at the Corn Exchange Exeter on Sunday 5 th February 2023 and
we are re-introducing the Inter Club Print Competition that will be also be held on the same
date and location as DPIC. Clubs are encouraged to enter either or both competitions and,
in addition to the usual high number of clubs entering DPIC, we very much hope that we will
see a good number of clubs also entering the PrintComp.
The rules for entering DPIC will remain as previous years ie. 18 images per club, no more
than 4 images per photographer and no more than 5 Nature Images. The entry fee for DPIC
will remain the same as last year at £20.00


As a means of encouraging clubs to enter the PrintComp there will be no entry fee in 2023.
The PrintComp rules are 15 prints per club. Of these at least 5 must be Mono Prints, at least
5 must be Colour Prints and they must be from at least 5 different photographers. There
can be no more than 4 prints per photographer and no more than 4 Nature Prints. Prints
must be mounted on boards 500 x 400mm. Any image that has been previously used in the
WCPF Inter Club Print Competition is not eligible and must not be included in a club’s entry.
Labels will be produced by the entry system and attached to the top right hand corner on
the rear of each print taking into account the orientation of the image. Please do not attach
your own labels in this location. Digital copies of each print will have to be uploaded when
making the entry, these will not be viewed by the judges.


The DPIC and PrintComp will be judged on the same day, by the same 3 judges. Clubs
should therefore think carefully before entering the same image into both competitions.
In both competitions images will be presented to the judges in the order entered by the club
ie all of the first DPI’s or Prints for each club, followed by all of the second for each club etc.

Further information on both competitions, including entry dates and how to enter will be
provided later this year. In the meantime, please contact the organisers if you have any
questions on either competition. (dpic.wcpf@gmail.com) (printcomp.wcpf@gmail.com)


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