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Finding a Judge

Guidelines for Judges                                                                     Judging Seminars
The WCPF are very keen to supply good quality judges and offer support for any on our lists. Following are some guidelines you may find useful for both judges and competition secretaries.
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Club officials, please sign in to the Members area for the  WCPF directory for contact details of Judges & Lecturers.

Access is only given to club representatives.

Booking forms for Speakers & Judges

These PAGB/WCPF Request and Reply forms are highly recommended. The booking should be confirmed by using these forms within three weeks of request and the reply form should be used to confirm expenses and agreed arrangements. A reminder should be sent not less than two weeks prior to the visit and should include clear directions to the venue.

A thoughtful club will reserve a parking space and someone to meet the lecturer on arrival. Please remember that the Judge/ Lecturer is your guest and should be treated accordingly. Please check that all the necessary equipment as requested is provided for the event. A letter of thanks from the club following the visit is always appreciated. Greater detail on how to look after your Judge/Lecturer is printed in the PAGB handbook.

It is further requested that a mobile phone number is added to the form for both judges/speakers and club secretaries in order to obtain contact during travel to a venue.

Would Clubs please use the Official WCPF Lectures and Judging Booking Form when booking a Judge

Would Judges please use the Official WCPF Reply Form when replying.

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