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Finding a Judge

Guidelines for Judges                                                                     Judging Seminars
The WCPF maintains an online directory of good quality judges. Club officials can access the
Directory and find details of judges & lecturers by signing into the Members Area.

Access is only granted to club representatives.

Booking a Judge

The WCPF strongly recommends that both club officials and lecturers follow the guidance
and advice below when making a booking.

Bookings should be made with reference to the PAGB Standard Terms and Conditions for
Judges and Lecturers at Club Meetings together with information listed in the WCPF

Clubs should also follow the PAGB Code of Good Practice, so that the Judge’s contribution is
properly recognised, and the event is a success

A reminder should be sent not less than two weeks prior to the visit and should include clear
directions to the venue.

A thoughtful club will reserve a parking space and someone to meet the judge on arrival.
Please remember that the judge is your guest and should be treated accordingly. Please
check that all the necessary equipment as requested is provided for the event. A letter of
thanks from the club following the visit is always appreciated.

Download PAGB Standard Terms and Conditions [PDF]

Download PAGB Code of Good Practice [PDF]

All details of a booking should be confirmed in writing or email by both parties.
This WPCF/PAGB form below is provided as an example of best practice, and we
recommend that it should be used by the club when requesting a booking and by the judge
when replying. Clubs may adapt the format to meet their needs, but all content should be
carried over.

Download Judge Booking and Reply Form [PDF]

It is strongly recommended that a mobile phone details are entered on the form for both
the club and judge in order to obtain contact during travel to a venue.
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